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Absence of ejaculation, delayed ejaculation

Definition of anejaculation

Absence of ejaculation, delayed ejaculation

Anejaculation is a relatively rare symptom. Men who suffer from anejaculation can obtain a lasting erection, but it usually does not lead to an ejaculation. According to Helen Kaplan, anejaculation is due to an ejaculatory overcontrol, which results into an involuntary inhibition of the orgasmic reflex.

Definition of delayed ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation (also called inhibited ejaculation or retarded ejaculation) is a man's persistent difficulty in achieving ejaculation, despite sexual excitement.

Categories of anejaculation and delayed ejaculation

There are different forms of delayed ejaculation and anejaculation:

-The total absence of ejaculation,

-Isolated ejaculations during sleep,

-The ability to ejaculate during solitary masturbation,

-The ability to ejaculate before the partner, but only by self-masturbation,

-The ability to ejaculate, but never during penetration,

-The ability to ejaculate during sexual intercourse, but only with certain partners,

-Delayed ejaculation.

Therapeutic approaches

The main therapeutic approaches for the treatment of anejaculation and delayed ejaculation are individual sex therapy, couples sex therapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy and therapeutic relaxation.