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Sexual trauma

Sexual trauma and its consequences

Sexual traumas, whether experienced in childhood, adolescence or adulthood, are never harmless. There is no sexual abuse without consequences. The symptoms that may appear include anxiety, post-traumatic stress, a decrease in self-esteem, depressive moments, shame or guilt. This list is far from exhaustive. There is a wide variety of symptoms (addictions, obsessions and/or compulsions, pains that have no physical cause) and sufferings that can appear, sometimes months or years after sexual abuse. Often, sexual problems occur, sexuality being associated with the trauma.

The difficulty to talk about the abuse

Quite often, the victim of sexual abuse is unwilling to talk about the abuse. "Why would I reopen a wound that had become less painful over time?", some ask. "Will it not be traumatic to talk about the abuse?", others ask.

Professional help after a sexual trauma

Recovering from a sexual trauma

However, psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are the most indicated forms of treatments to deal with sexual abuse. In some cases, it is really difficult for some people to talk about it or just to talk about themselves. The beginning of therapy can then be postponed and be preceded by sessions of therapeutic relaxation.